We will NOT attending the 1 October Namac toyfair Houten

 We will not attending the Namac fair on October 1st. (holiday !)  On December the 3d we will be there again with tyres and your orders !


Because of corona lockdowns all over the world there are still some things not in stock. When it is not possible to order a part on the website, it is out of stock. Click on the part number and you can see 'product not available '

MINIMUM ORDER € 10,00 nett

 With the increase in postage costs, it's impossible to do orders under € 10,00. So PLEASE COMBINE YOUR ORDERS ! iYour order has to be over € 10,00 nett . If not we will return payment !


Please please combine your orders. We stock 6500+ different items, so please think if you perhaps forgot something before you pay your order. It saves you a lot of postage costs (and me a lot of work ).

No, I don't send anything in an enveloppe ! Everything is sent in small (letterbox-) parcels to avoid damage in the mail.


Untill now I’ve always sent on parts that were temporarily out of stock when they became available again within a reasonable period of time.
The problem is now, that many of my suppliers retire or stop producing for other reasons. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep everything in stock.
Sometimes it won’t be possible to find a new producer and therefore that part won’t become available anymore From now on I think it’s better if I return your payment straightaway if a part isn’t in stock, because it’s uncertain if a part will become available again.


Yes, we have a real shop here in Krabbendijke, but we don't have any opening times. So, if you want to come and visit to collect your orders please make an APPOINTMENT  beforehand !

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As you can see at the top of the homepage are we on Facebook now ! Yes, we pretend to be modern and up to date...................