Transfers and Stickers

Order Image Omschrijving Description Price Buy
MT20 62b Commer van 'Radio Rentals' 62b Commer van 'Radio Rentals' € 2,50 
MT18 62b Commer van 'Rentaset' 62b Commer van 'Rentaset' € 2,50 
MT6 69a Commer bestel 'Nestle's' 69a Commer van 'Nestle's' € 2,50 
MT42 73a Ferrari racing car '73' met Ferrari logo 73a Ferrari racing car '73' and Ferrari logo € 2,50 
MT24 74a Mobile Canteen 'Refreshments' 74a Mobile Canteen 'Refreshments' € 3,00 
MT40 74b Daimler bus 'Esso Extra Petrol ' 74b Daimler bus 'Esso Extra Petrol ' € 4,00